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PR Through Business Immigration

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The Startup Visa (SUV) Program offers a unique opportunity for global entrepreneurs to bring their innovative business ideas to Canada. It's designed for individuals who have secured funding or support from a designated Canadian investment entity, such as venture capital funds, angel investor groups, or business incubators. The key to this program lies in its aim to connect entrepreneurs with the Canadian business ecosystem, facilitating the growth of startups that can contribute to the Canadian economy. Successful applicants not only receive permanent residency but also gain access to a vibrant network of investors, mentors, and business partners, helping them to scale their startups on a global stage. The SUV is a testament to Canada's commitment to innovation and its recognition of entrepreneurs as catalysts for economic development.

On the other hand, the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Entrepreneur Immigration stream is tailored for experienced business owners or senior managers who wish to establish, acquire, or invest in a business in British Columbia. This program emphasizes the entrepreneur's potential to support innovation and economic growth within the province. With streams like the Base stream, Regional Pilot, and Strategic Projects, the BC PNP provides a flexible approach to entrepreneurship in diverse sectors. Applicants must demonstrate a minimum personal net worth, make a significant investment in their proposed business, and commit to creating jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. This "temporary to permanent" pathway not only facilitates the entrepreneur's transition to Canadian residency but also enriches BC's economy by leveraging global talent and business acumen.

PR Through Provincial programs

BC Nominee Programs We Support

BC Entrepreneur

Base Stream

For those ready to establish a new business or buy and improve an existing one with a personal net worth of at least CAD$600,000.

BC Entrepreneur

Regional Pilot

Aimed at entrepreneurs planning to start a business in one of BC’s smaller communities.

BC Entrepreneur

Strategic Projects

Allows foreign corporations to transfer key staff to manage operations integral to the company’s growth in BC.


The Best and Only Federal Business Program


Startup Business

The Federal Startup Visa Program grants permanent residency to up to five co-founders and their families with innovative, scalable startups or ideas backed by designated Canadian entities. This program accelerates the journey of entrepreneurs by connecting them with key investors, fostering job creation, and driving economic growth in Canada.

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PR Through Employment: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the OINP Recent Graduate Stream?

Canada Recent graduates ( within 2-years from graduation) with job offers in NOC TEER 1,2,3  aiming to retain educated talent within the province.

What is the OINP Foreign Worker Stream?

A pathway for skilled foreign workers with NOC TEER 0,1,2,3 job offers in Ontario to obtain permanent residency, focusing on filling specific labor market needs in the province.

What is the OINP In-Demand Occupation Stream?

Designed for individuals with job offers in occupations that have a labor shortage in Ontario, facilitating their permanent settlement in the province.

Who qualifies for the BC PNP Skilled Worker Stream?

Skilled workers with job offers in British Columbia, including a range of occupations that support the province's economic growth.

What makes the RNIP unique?

The RNIP focuses on attracting skilled workers to rural and northern communities to address economic development challenges and support population growth.

Do I need a job offer to apply for these programs?

Yes, a valid job offer from a Canadian employer is a fundamental requirement for all these streams, though they differ in specific criteria and sectors.

Are these programs open to candidates outside of Canada?

Yes, these programs welcome applications from skilled workers both within and outside Canada, provided they meet the eligibility criteria. some programs such OINP in-demand occupation stream requires work experience within the same province.

How do the programs address sector-specific needs?

Each program is designed to address the unique labor market challenges and opportunities within its jurisdiction, from tech and healthcare to agriculture and hospitality.

Can my family accompany me if I'm accepted into one of these programs?

In most cases, these programs allow for the inclusion of family members in the application, enabling you to bring your dependents to Canada.

What qualifies me for the Atlantic Immigration Program?

Eligibility hinges on securing a full-time, non-seasonal job offer in Atlantic Canada, aligned with NOC 2021 TEER categories, and meeting language, education, and financial requirements for permanent residency.

Do job offers under Atlantic program require an LMIA?

No, the Atlantic Immigration Program offers a pathway to permanent residency through job offers that do not necessitate a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), simplifying the process for employers and candidates.

How does the job offer's duration impact eligibility in Atlantic Program?

Job offers must be at least one year in duration for NOC TEER 0, 1, 2, or 3 roles, or permanent for TEER 4 roles, ensuring long-term employment prospects for candidates aiming for permanent residency.