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Our Promise

Committed to Open Access and Community Empowerment

We believe in building a community-driven platform that supports and empowers immigrants, consultants, and students. That’s why the NOC Navigator is free to use and part of our promise to contribute open-source tools to the immigration space.

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Federal Court Case Laws

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the source of data?

All datasets are extracted from Statistic Canada. Here is the link to row data publicly available. 

Is it possible to add more variables to datasets?

Yes, as long as the data is available to produce and get the approval for release. Our developers review and updates data each quarter. If you have feedback about the data, please email us at dev@immigratic.com.

What is Immigratic?

Immigratic is a data-driven immigration platform that assesses, suggests, and improves the chance of obtaining a visa by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning. We currently have a beta version of our AI assessment for study permit applications, and we are about to add more programs.

Last update & source

The last time data was pulled was on November 3rd, 2023.