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Who needs an invitation?

f you or your family members/friends are planning to apply for a Canada temporary resident visa, you have the onus to demonstrate you are a bona fide visitor. A formal invitation letter is one of the documents that establish the purpose of the trip as well as the identity of the host/guest.

How to write an invitation for a family member?

Invitation letters templates may be vary. However, When writing an invitation letter, you should pay attention to a lot of details. We made it easy for you. Simply use our free Invitation generator tool and answer a few questions. Within a few minutes, Immigratic sends your custom invitation letter.

Do I need a formal invitation or informal?

In temporary residence applications, such as visitor visas, the applicant would not be given a second chance to perfect their application. Furthermore From family law and criminal cases to civil and Immigration law , affidavits are common legal documents used in a variety of court and administrative proceedings. We recommend formal invitation as statements in the form of affidavits are legally binding.

Invitation Letter

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