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FOR DIY People

Navigate Canadian Immigration with Confidence

Your Personalized Guide for Visitor Visas, Study Permits, and Spouse Open Work Permits

Core Features

Simplifying Complex Processes

Our Process

We Keep It Simple

Start with the Intake Form

Fill out a brief intake form to check your eligibility for your desired program. This form gathers basic information to determine if you meet the criteria for immigration programs like Visitor Visas, Study Permits, and Spouse Open Work Permits.


We made it simple

Access Your Dashboard

If eligible, you'll be guided to your personal dashboard, where a wealth of resources and tools await you. Think of this as your command center for immigration.

Where magic happens

Follow Your Custom Checklist

Use the AI-generated checklist to gather all required documents and information. The checklist is tailored to your specific immigration path, ensuring you don't miss any vital steps.


A comprehensive guide

Watch the Tutorials

Follow our easy-to-understand tutorials for step-by-step guidance. These tutorials break down each part of the application process, making it easier to understand and complete.


Extra Peace of Mind

For those seeking an extra layer of assurance, we offer an optional expert review service. Our professionals will scrutinize your application for completeness and accuracy.

expert review

Make it Official

Submit Your Application

Once you're ready, submit your application with confidence. With the preparation and insights you’ve gained through ImmiMock, you can be assured that your application stands the best chance for success.

Document submission

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Making Immigration Accessible for All

At Immigratic, we believe that everyone deserves a fair and accessible path to Canadian immigration. We understand that the process can be overwhelming, especially for those navigating it alone.
That's why we've developed a platform that combines cutting-edge technology with human expertise. Our mission is to simplify the complex immigration landscape, offering DIY applicants the tools and guidance they need to turn their Canadian dreams into reality.

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Ideal for the DIY enthusiast looking to navigate their immigration process.

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