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We aim to bring the best in class and affordable immigration services.


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Pay a fraction of regular consultation and get the most out of it. Focus on your study plan. We do the rest!


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Choose your next school, study level or field of study, where you carry a higher chance to get a study permit.


Built on data by experts

As a Canadian Immigration-Tech, We do what we do best. We primarily focus on International students.

How does it work?

Thanks to Canada's open government, we modelled thousands of datasets and trained
our system with an algorithm that is second to none to analyze your profile.


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“ I have been told when you apply for a program below your current study level, the odds of success would be slim. When I ordered my ImmiReport, I saw that this does not apply to me considering other factors. So even a physician may be accepted for a Master’s program, and here I am! ”

“ Team Immigratic specialized in study permit applications. People in my country have less chance to get a study permit for secondary schools. Thanks to Immigratic, I am studying in of the finest Vancouver schools. ”

“ I had 4 offers from some Universities in Canada, but I was not sure which one to accept. ImmiReport helped me to choose the right institute and field of study with the highest chance. Now I am studying in Ottawa! ”


Need clarification?

What factors are NOT assessed in ImmiReport?

- Admissibility
- Study Plan
- Representative Submission Letter
- Academic Background

What is Immigratic?

Immigratic is an intelligent, data-driven and cost-effective immigration software that helps people improve the chance of obtaining a visa. It achieves this by leveraging machine learning and data science to proactively empower students to prepare for their study abroad journey.

Are you using Artificial Intelligence to evaluate my profile?

We use advanced analytics to illustrate your profile with hundreds of thousands of records in our databases in conjunction with our immigration expert’s opinion to evaluate your situation. It is essential to understand that our assumptions are based on the historical data that define the complexity of your case and not necessarily legal advice. It's an additional tip for you or your authorized representative when assessing your case.

How do I get my full ImmiReport?

Simply click here and answer a few questions. You then will be prompted to make a payment in order to access all features of the ImmiReport.

How do you calculate the purpose score?

First off, we look at your age, your intended level of education and the time that has passed since your graduation. We also consider your current level of education. Next, we’ll dig into Designated Learning Institution history. We’ll check what is the average probability of getting a study permit from past similar cases. Last but not least, We’ll calculate what is the average approval rate for citizens of your country to study your level of education in Canada. We’ll weigh each item separately and our unique algorithm will give you a final score on the purpose section.

How can I retain your service to prepare and submit my application?

We at Immigratic, represent clients who we believe on a balance of probabilities have a reasonable chance of success. Lets get started with your ImmiReport and we'll be in touch afterward.

What if my study permit gets rejected?

According to data, roughly 40% of applications for a Canadian study permit refuse every year. This includes people of every nationality, more or less. If you believe a decision-maker erred in analyzing your application, You may leave for Judicial review.