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Understanding Study Permit Categories

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Top Source Countries

Where Our Non-SDS Students Come From

From the rich cultural history of India to the bustling cities of Nigeria, these countries represent a broad spectrum of students seeking quality education in Canada. Get a glimpse into the geographic diversity that enriches our campuses and contributes to a truly global learning experience.

Who's Eligible?

Qualifying for a Canadian Study Experience

Valid Acceptance Letter

One of the primary eligibility criteria for a Canadian Study Permit is to have a valid acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. This acceptance letter serves as written documentation that you have been admitted to a program of study and is a strict requirement under Canadian immigration law (IRPR 219). Exceptions are made only for family members of foreign nationals who have already secured a work or study permit.

Sufficient Financial Resources

Financial stability is another crucial factor for obtaining a Study Permit in Canada. According to IRPR 220, applicants must demonstrate that they have enough financial resources to cover tuition fees, living expenses for themselves and any accompanying family members, as well as round-trip transportation costs to and from Canada. This ensures that you can focus on your studies without the need to work for financial sustenance while in Canada.

Intention to Leave Canada

One of the key requirements for obtaining a Study Permit is to demonstrate your intent to leave Canada upon the completion of your studies, as stipulated by IRPR 216(1)(B). Essentially, the permit is issued with the understanding that your stay is temporary, and you're expected to depart Canada when your authorized period of stay concludes. This is to ensure compliance with Canadian immigration laws.

Being Admissible to Canada

In accordance with Canadian immigration regulations, you must be deemed admissible to enter and remain in Canada. Being admissible means you have no criminal, security, or health-related issues that would prevent you from entering the country. This requirement is in line with standard procedures to maintain the safety and integrity of the Canadian immigration system.

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Popular Study Levels

Top 5 Levels of Study by Acceptance Letters Issued

Explore the most popular academic paths in Canada with our chart highlighting the top 5 levels of study based on the number of acceptance letters issued. Whether it's undergraduate programs attracting fresh talent or postgraduate courses for specialized skills, these levels of study are the most sought-after among international students.

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Leading Learning Institutions

Top 5 Canadian Schools by Acceptance Letters Issued

Dive into the academic hubs of Canada with our chart showcasing the top 5 learning institutions based on the number of acceptance letters issued. From prestigious universities to cutting-edge technical schools, these institutions are the go-to choices for international students seeking a world-class education in Canada.


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Study Permit Comparison Table

Outland Study Permit Outland Student Direct Stream Inland Study Permit
LOA All Education levels Post-Secondary Only All Education Levels
Medical Exam Certain Nationals Certain Nationals Certain Nationals
Proof of Finance
Valid Study/Work Permit OR Pre-requisite
Proof of Language Proficiency
Proof of 1st Year Tuition Fee

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