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  • Requesting statistics through the government portal can take months and cost $5 per request.
  • With Atip-plus, access a wealth of immigration data at the click of a button for a low monthly subscription fee.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the source of data?

    All datasets are extracted from custom data requests made under section 314 of the IRPR through the CDO Branch. ( Cheif Data Officer - Statistical Reporting Group)

    Is it possible to add more variables to datasets?

    Yes, as long as the data is available to produce and get the approval for release. Our developers review and updates data each quarter. If you have feedback about the data, please email us at dev@immigratic.com.

    Can we get any CPD hours for monthly login to the datasets?

    We are preparing an activity that may become eligible for CPD activity. Once we get the CICC approval, we will email all ATIP Plus subscribers further instructions.

    Do you have group pricing for members of immigration associations such as CAPIC?

    We do not have any current promotions, but We are actively trying to introduce this service to immigration associations and their members at a discounted rate.

    What is Immigratic?

    Immigratic is a data-driven immigration platform that assesses, suggests, and improves the chance of obtaining a visa by leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning. We currently have a beta version of our AI assessment for study permit applications, and we are about to add more programs.

    Last update & source

    The last time data was pulled was on December 6th, 2022, with reference# CR-22-0557.

    Next Update: at the End of 2023

    What happens if I do not upgrade to a paid plan?

    If your account is verified as an Immigration professional (CICC  & law society members), you will still have access to the datasets. However, Cross-filtering and advanced search become disabled and your plan will be downgraded to ATIP+ LITE.